TLO Train Speed Radar Sensor – iTLO-3001

Train Load Out Low Speed Radar – iTLO 3001 (RS232)


  • Lowest power usage K-Band Ultra low speed Doppler radar at 0.1 Watts
  • Measures speeds down to 0.2kph and up to 11kph
  • High resolution ASCII speed output with 3 places of decimal points
  • FCC pre-approved with CE mark
  • Fully configurable via RS232 serial port for all settings
  • Optional communication protocols: such as Analog, Ethernet, Profibus…etc.
  • Built for industrial environment: IP66

Measuring train speed accurately in a train load out system is crucial for wagon loading weight control and automation. Traditional train speed cameras are not sufficiently accurate with accuracy often compromised by sensitivity to environmental factors such as light and dust. Calculating train speed from track switches is noisy, requiring use of a heavy filter compromising accuracy which is lost during changes of speed.

Train speed calculated from track switches
Train speed comparison – iTLO4003 Radar in green versus speed Camera in blue

Accurate in all harsh environments

The iTLO Ultra Low Speed Doppler Radar provides excellent accuracy and is designed to be robust in any industrial environment. Designed for slow moving wagons in a train load out system or any applications requiring high resolution slow to medium range speed measurement or motion sensing, the iTLO uses specialised signal processing for accurate and reliable motion speed detection.

Field Proven

The iTLO 3001 Low Speed Doppler Radar has been utilised successfully in several mine sites of high profile mining companies to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The photos below show a number of installations across Australia.

 Low Cost

Compared to widely utilised traditional speed cameras, the iTLO 3001 radar is only a fraction of the cost.

High update speed and resolution

Measurement update every 80 ms with 3 decimal points of accuracy with 0.01 km/hr measurement resolution.


Radar frequencies 24.115 or 24.200 GHz
Speed Range     0.2 – 11 km/h
Detection distance 30+ meters
Operating  (°C)     -25 to 85 °C
Standard detection field 38° (horizontal), 45° (vertical)
Communicator protocol RS232
Optional outputs Analog 4-20MA
Ethernet, Profibus…. and more
Outline dimensions   90 (H), 110(L), 110(W) mm
VCC           6 to 18VDC
CE Mark Yes
Weight 0.3Kg  approx.