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Owned and operated

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Solutions

Specialised Instruments


We design, manufacture and implement specialised instruments to solve your particular optimisation needs.

Have you ever wondered why your ‘name brand’ instrument, such as a level sensor in a solid silo does not always give you the right or even an accurate reading? The reason is simple. The sensor was designed for general application, and not tailored for specific application.

Also ever wonder why, there are no instruments on the market for your critical measurements? Again the reason is simple, the instrument vendor is only keen on the volume of sales regardless of whether it meets your particular needs.

Give us your problem, and we will come up a solution to meet your needs by designing a sensor and control strategy that optimises your particular processes.

PHOTOS: examples, different patterns of radar for different measurement,

Recent projects include:

Train Load Out

We reduced the wagon loading variation which meant that our client was able to ship more product out of the site, increasing revenue and profit.

Determining the optimal wagon weight control during train load out requires both mass and volumetric loading control.  We built the following instruments to achieve our objectives of optimisation.

  • Conveyor belt profile scanner
  • Wagon profile scanner
  • Low speed motion sensor (download specifications here¬†iTLO-4003 train speed Radar)

Copper Flotation Level Sensor

Traditional flotation cells use a displacement float to measure the pulp height, which often gets stuck and is impacted by air bubble movement and other disturbances. This is one of major causes of inefficient level control and a low recovery rate of flotation cells.

We use a no-contact ultra-sonic sensor which passes through froth and only being bounced back by pulp level. This improves not only the accuracy of the level measurement but also the reliability of the sensor.